New Members

New Members are always welcome. Regardless of your age or ability, whether you are a beginner or an expert shooter, we welcome disabled people.

Target shooting is an exacting discipline which develops excellent hand and eye motor co-ordination and control. Our Club is affiliated to the National Small Bore Rifle Association. The Club is also a Home Office Approved Target Shooting Club.

We offer Target Shooting in the following Disciplines:

• Air Rifle  
• Air Pistol
• Small-bore Rimfire Rifle  
• Lightweight Sport Rifle
• Benchrest rifle   

Target shooting has been an Olympic sport since 1894. British target shooters have won 131 medals, including 41 golds, during the last six Commonwealth Games.

Club members can shoot in club teams in postal league competitions, knock out competitions and shoulder to shoulder “open” competition shoots, club championships, national championship. They can also be picked to represent, club, county, home country and British teams.

Range shooting competitors fire at a fixed target consisting of ten concentric rings. The innermost or ‘X’ ring is worth 10 points. Targets in the rifle discipline are placed at a fixed distance away (anything from 10 m to 1200yds) and shooters fire from standing, kneeling or prone positions. Targets for pistol are placed at either 10 m, 25 m or 50 m away and shooters use one hand to fire the pistol.

Target shooting is strictly controlled by firearms safety laws.

Target shooting is a sport for life. It teaches self-discipline, patience, perseverance, goal-setting, planning, organizing, concentration, evaluation, decision-making, ambition to succeed, respect and goodwill

These skills once learned and mastered can be used and applied throughout life.

Our Process for welcoming new members to the club is as follows:

Initial Meeting
Contact the Club Secretary at [email protected]
Ensure you give your full details including your name, address, contact telephone number along with a brief description of your ability.
The Club Secretary will respond immediately to discuss your interest and arrange a visit to the club. When you visit the club you must bring proof of identity like a passport or driving license and also proof of your address.

Completion of Membership Form
During your visit to the club as a Guest, you will receive a Club Safety Briefing and will be allowed to shoot.
If you are interested you can complete during your visit a club membership application form when the cost of membership will be explained. Criteria

Verification of details
This is the process where the Club Secretary will check your application form to ensure you meet all the club criteria and also the criteria of the Firearms Act and requirements of the Thames Valley Police Firearms Department

Offer of Membership
Provided all of the above is verified, your application will be offered to the Club Management Committee for final approval, and you will be notified of the Management Committee’s Decision.
If your membership application is successful you will serve a six-month probationary period where you will if required receive full training after which provided you are deemed safe, suitable and meet all the Criteria of the Club and Firearms Act you will be offered full membership.

Club Opening and Equipment
The club is open various days of the week, which will be explained to you during your initial visit. In the event you have no equipment do not worry, the club has a number of rifles, shooting jackets, shooting gloves & Slings, ear defenders for you to use.