The Club is managed by a committee duly elected annually by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

The Committee, consisting of Five Honorary Club Officers and a further seven General Committee Members:

  • Chairman: Clive Peters
  • Secretary: Christopher Gibbs
  • Treasure: Ian King
  • Vice Chairman: Marc Payne
  • Competition Secretary: John Wetten
  • Club Captain: John Wetten
  • General Committee Member: Mrs Natasha Roebuck
  • General Committee Member: Mike Hamblin
  • General Committee Member: Marcel Wagner
  • General Committee Member: Mike Wood
  • General Committee Member: Brian Watts
  • General Committee Member: Daniel Gibson
  • General Committee Member: Richard Gibbins

The club officers can be contacted for advice on the following:

Membership and Legislation: Christopher Gibbs
Committee and Club Policies: Clive Peters
Finance: Ian King
Competitions: John Wetten
Club Health & Safety: Christopher Gibbs
Child and Vulnerable Person Protection Officer: Ian King
Complaints and Grievances: Christopher Gibbs
Firearms Liaison Officer: Christopher Gibbs

If you have an issue or question you feel is not covered by the points listed, please contact the Club Secretary.