We provide a .22RF and Air Rifle Indoor 20 yard range offering two firing points and a .22RF Outdoor 50 yard and 100yd range offering 2 firing points.

Our Indoor and Outdoor ranges are MOD and Home Office approved and regularly checked by Thames valley Police who are the Clubs Firearms Certificate’s issuing authority.

The indoor range in addition to the Range and Firing Points has two small club rooms

Club Rooms

Offering the following disciplines on the indoor range:

  • 20 yd Prone (.22RF)
  • 20 yd Bench Rest (.22RF)
  • 20 yd Three Position (.22RF)
  • 20 yd Light Weight Sporting Rifle (.22RF)
  • 10 yd Bench rest (Air Rifle)
  • 10 yd Standing (Air Rifle)
  • 10 yd Pistol (Air Rifle)
    Note: The Club welcomes Disabled and Impaired Shooters, and will try to support where ever possible
    20 yard Indoor range

Offering full use of the following equipment required to take part in small bore rifle shooting which includes:

  • Selection of Rifles
  • Selection of various size shooting jackets
  • Shooting gloves
  • Ear Defenders
  • Shooting Mats
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Targets to suit each discipline offered
  • Stable Bench Rest Table
  • Sale of .22RF Ammunition