Club News and Updates

The different sections of the club and the Committee try to keep you updated regarding news, improvements and general topics.

The section will contain information regarding Training, Instruction and Coaching opportunities either supported by or run by the club and will be updated as often as possible.

In accordance with and following Government Guidance the Club Committee have review the Covid Risk Assessment and have reduced existing Covid Restrictions to Guidance.
  • Wearing of Face coverings is not required but recommended
  • It is recommended to use the Hand Sanitiser when entering the club
  • Attendance restrictions have been amended to a maximum of 6-8 attendees
  • Members are requested not to attend the club if they feel unwell
The club is supporting VI (Visually Impaired) shooting with new a member and his VI helper. Whilst still in the early stages of development, the Committee have amended the Club Constitution and also Club Bylaws to include and account for VI Shooting. the new members and the Committee are working closely with the NSRA for guidance and help to ensure our new VI members integrate into the club.
The new ventilation has been fitted in the club room and range. Consisting of two high performance fans in the range, one at the Butts and one midway down the range. One extract fan in the club room and one intake fan delivering clear air to the centre of the club room.
Collectively the new ventilation will deliver six air changes be hour in the range ensuring clean air for the attendees and meeting our Health & Safety and Covid Safety Objectives.